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A Wide Variety Of Optical Devices

Industrial-scale production of a variety of nano- and micro- topology surfaces.

We can provide optical devices, e.g. holographic optical elements, waveguides, or lab-on-a-chip solutions, following in-depth guidance of final applications. This requires close collaborative working to confirm a suitable design approach, and a thorough testing phase and return of a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.


At Stensborg, we specialise in high capacity productions based on Roll-to-Roll (R2R) and Roll-to-Plate (R2P) manufacturing.


If you require a custom-made service, please contact the team.

Examples of volume productions we have delivered at Stensborg:

Diffractive Optical Elements

Diffractive optical elements (DOEs) are optical elements that are made of micro- or nano-scale structures and used for modulating and transforming light in a predetermined way. They have multiple applications in, for example, gratings, lenses, filters, lasers, and holographic 3D light fields.

Optical Waveguides  

Optical waveguides are a particular type of DOEs for low-loss guidance of light. These waveguides are the essential optical components for augmented and mixed reality, i.e. (AR/MR) goggles and screens as well as ultrafast and ultrahigh bandwidth telecommunication and computing.

Holographic Optical Elements​

Holographic optical elements (HOEs) are optical elements that use holographic imaging processes. Their ability to implement various optical functions in a single flat device is employed for a range of applications; holographic optical element-based applications, data storage, head-mounted displays, lens arrays, and solar concentrators.

Optical Security Devices​

Optical Security Devices (OSDs), used by governments and major brands, can be found on various identification cards, banknotes, secure documents, and on branded goods and media. These OSDs provide protection against counterfeiting, protect copyright, and provide tamper evidence features. ​

We, at Stensborg, have decades of experience in the production of machinery and chemistry to produce OSDs, and we welcome discussing any needs you may have.

Optical Filters For Photovoltaic Cells

Stensborg has experience working with advanced optical films for solar cells (photovoltaic, PV), examples include, manufacturing filters for colouring cells, transparent cells, and flexible surfaces.

Advanced 3D Structures For Microfluidics

Manufacturing of microscopic structures for microfluidic applications for the health sector is another of Stensborg expertises. We use our manufacturing equipment on a rolling production line, which provides a cost advantage in the manufacturing of large volumes of Point-of-Care testing devices.

One Step Before Upscaling Your Operation  


If you are at an early stage of your development process and first need to experiment and characterise the structural properties of your design, the Desktop R2P NanoImprinter is the right device for you. 


The Desktop R2P NanoImprinter allows fast iterations of the development cycle by producing a new design in small batches, which is perfect for rapid prototyping. The desktop imprinter enables you to easily experiment with imprinting process parameters like velocity, pressure, and light intensity, as well as, choice of light-curing resin materials.

Desktop R2P NanoImprinter.png
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