The most cost-effective holographic imprinting technology available today

"HoloPrintTM saves time and money, is better for the environment and opens up new opportunities for industrial micro and nanostructuring of surfaces." 

Jan Stensborg, Dir.

Holoprinter® UNI A6 DT

Easy-to-use tabletop unit for lab-scale nanoimprinting lithography work. Typical applications include imprinting of functional structures like lab-on-chip, diffractive optical elements, and other types of nanoimprinted structures. 


Holoprint® is a patented imprint technology that allows you to directly imprint high-resolution 3D nano surface relief structures onto your pre- or post printed web material without the use of prefabricated foils.


We developed our own light-curing resins that are specially formulated for high nanoresolution and high-speed imprinting using the Holoprint process.