Holoprint® is a patented imprint technology that allows you to directly imprint high-resolution 3D nano surface relief structures onto your pre- or post printed web material without the use of prefabricated foils.

It’s a simple, two-step, cost-effective and flexible solution that works with your existing imprinter or as a standalone unit.

How your business can benefit from introducing Holoprint

You’re in charge:

With Holoprint you are in total control of everything from the production planning to design layouts. And because you can print the holograms yourself, you eliminate the traditional holographic foil production supply chain, the need for sub-contractors and the accompanying paperwork.


Holoprint is as secure, if not more secure, than a good quality hot stamp foil or a cold foil or cast & cure process. Plus, for added security, all value building takes place in-house.


You can print on almost all printing materials and the process is tested on various polymers, pre-printed paper and metal and designed to work on opaque substrates.

Shorter lead-times:

For trial and demo runs you can be ‘on air’ as fast as you can define and produce a flexo plate. Printing holograms can now take place at your site in ‘real time’.


How and where you want it:

Unlike normal foil technology, Holoprint lets you create a high quality image and specify the exact location of that image.


Reducing cost and CO2 emissions:

Because the Holoprint process creates no waste, you’ll not only be able to produce more imprints for the same price, but your hologram production will also have less impact on the environment.


Implementing Holoprint into your printing process

Stensborg will help you implement and integrate Holoprint into your printing process. Our experts will meet you to discuss your needs and find the right Holoprint solution for you and your business.


Our services include:

  • Technical support by our skilled experts

  • Custom-made consumables, light-curing resins and nanoimprinting templates

  • Prepress tooling to handle your prepress set-up quickly and efficiently

  • Service of your Holoprint unit