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Holoprint roll to plate nanoimprint lithography


We cooperate with our partners to tailor our service to fit specific needs, from light-curing resin to equipment modifications.

At Stensborg, we specialise in the production of topologies and structured surfaces in the nano and micro regime; This includes proprietary and patented process equipment, chemistry, and additional consumables.

Our agility allows us to offer bespoke custom-made machinery and chemistry. 

If you are interested in discussing licensed manufacturing or the transfer of intellectual property rights (IPR), please contact the experts at Stensborg.
Our optimised light-curing resins replicate topologies ranging from 10nm to more than 100 micrometres. Read more about this technology and how we use it here. 


Why people choose Stensborg:

  • More than two decades of nanoimprinting experience.

  • A dedicated team of Nanoimprint Lithography experts.

  • Cost-effective services on all levels of volume production.

  • A partner from the development cycle to project completion.

  • Providing volume production in-house or by IPR transfer agreements.

  • A research and development approach that allows for the delivery of prompt results. 

  • A broad network of experts on hand to assist development needs.

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Stensborg's Roll-to-Plate nanoimprinting machine

If you would like to collaborate with us let us know here

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