At Stensborg, we specialize in the production of topologies and structured surfaces in the nano and micro regime. That includes proprietary and patented process equipment, chemistry, and additional consumables.
We participate with partners to tailor our services to fit specific needs, from light-curing resin to equipment modifications. This agility allows us to offer bespoke custom-made machinery and chemistry. If you are interested in discussing licensed manufacturing or the transfer of intellectual property rights (IPR), please contact the experts at Stensborg.


Our optimized light-curing resins replicate topologies ranging from 10mm to more than 100 micrometers. Read more about this technology and how we use it here

Why Choose Stensborg?

  • More than two decades of nanoimprinting experience.

  • A dedicated team of Nanoimprint Lithography experts.

  • Cost-effective services on all levels of volume production.

  • A partner from the development cycle to project completion; providing volume production in-house or by IPR transfer agreements.

  • An R&D approach that allows for the delivery of speedy results.  

  • A broad network that enables us to offer our clients access to experts to assist any future development needs.

Partner Testimonials:


Forster has achieved a well-deserved reputation for the diversity of its innovative products. A proprietary Stensborg R2R nanoimprint installation at Forster was upgraded with a LED-based Optical Engine introducing more consistency in Forsters Diffractive Optical Elements production.

"Hats off to these guys! The R2R systems, as well as the following Optical Engine upgrade, was delivered promptly and excel on all promised specifications." 


Profactor conducts applied research in the field of industrial assistive systems and additive micro/nanomanufacturing. A partnership with Stensborg enabled the development of a custom-made Roll-to-plate machine to support Profactor’s research into manufacturing processes. In addition, Profactor is also utilizing the HoloPrint® uniA6 DT for fast prototyping and process characterization.

"Working on the HoloPrint® uniA6 DT is amazing. We like it from the very start." 


The University of Southern Denmark proudly welcomes its students since 1966 with 115 study programs ranging from humanities to engineering. SDU has been using the HoloPrint® uniA6 DT to enliven the engineering classes and further educate their students with it. 

If you would like to collaborate with us let us know here

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