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Stensborg's light curing resins for nanoimprint lithography

Light-curing Resin Chemistry

Consumables For Nano Imprinting Machines Including The Desktop R2P NanoImprinter.

Imprinting templates

Our resins for imprint templates are the ideal addition to the Desktop R2P NanoImprinter device as they permit the direct making and usage of imprinting templates.

We use chemistry in the production of polymer imprinting templates and for making copies from master versions of imprinting templates in various standard formats. Our vast experience allows us to meet the requirements of our clients around the globe.

With Stensborg imprinting templates, we will ensure:​

  • Compatibility with the Desktop R2P NanoImprinter or other production imprinting machines.

  • An easy process for imprint replications.


Light Curing Resins

At Stensborg, we have developed a range of light-curing resins that are formulated specifically for each application. Some examples include; high-aspect nano resolution, high-speed imprinting of sinusoidal or square nanostructures and various application methods from spinning to ink-jet application. Our benchmarking provides flawless operations of the nip curing HoloPrint® process.

We offer various types of light-curing resins:

DM56 demold resin

Photoresist demould resin for making imprinting templates for the Desktop R2P NanoImprinter.

DM56 Technical Data Sheet

DM57 demold resin

Photoresist demold resin for making imprinting templates.

DM57 Technical Data Sheet

X29 curing resin

Imprinting resin for producing copy replications.

X29 Technical Data Sheet

X166b curing resin

Imprinting resin for making copy replications.

X166b Technical Data Sheet

X30 curing resin

Imprinting resin for copy replications applied by slot coating.

X30 Technical Data Sheet

In case you haven't found the resins that you were looking for, don't hesitate to contact us as we are open to discuss further options and personalised solutions with you.

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