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Stensborg is a privately held company located in Denmark. At Stensborg, we are experts in nanoimprinting lithography solutions.

For more than 20 years, we have delivered optical designs, mastering tools, and volume production to our clients and partners at universities and organizations within the private and government sectors.


Each year we continue to develop exciting new ways to control and interact with light and matter and keep pushing this technology to new limits, further and further around the globe. Take a look at our technology to see what we do and our latest project Desktop R2P NanoImprinter. Or, if you are interested in learning more about some of the custom-made projects we have performed, get in touch.


Establishment of Stensborg A/S


Invention of the HoloPrint® process


First machine integration in Denmark 


First installation of Roll-To-Roll 

machine in Germany


First Roll-To-Plate machine installation  at Profactor in Austria 


Global launch of the
uniA6 DT


Global launch of the Desktop
R2P NanoImprinter

Our mission

Our mission is to develop and produce leading-edge solutions of NIL technology available to the global community. We specialize in industrial applications and we also look for a way to provide NIL technology to the universities. With our long experience and solutions, we always strive to offer the best services and solutions. Our vision is to be the place that offers knowledge to those who want to know more about NIL technology.


Stensborg began in 1997 as a consultancy company. With our knowledge in the field, we assisted companies to implement NIL technology to maximize their utilization. In the next few years, we established our own cleanroom facilities in order to provide better services. We began to help our clients with making industrial master templates and their further application. These events led us to invent the HoloPrint process, which we later patented as our signature mechanism. Eventually, our company has expanded to a fully-fledged facility including the cleanroom facilities, chemistry development, and production. We also work as a test and trial facility which uses anything from the desktop equipment to a full-size Roll-to-Roll apparatus.  

Our skilled team excels in the full production cycle of nano and micro surface relief creations. We have our own range of proven machines, prepress materials, and resin chemistry.

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