Introducing the UNI A6 Desktop Holoprinter

"Working on the UNI A6 Desktop is amazing. We like it from the very start" 

Sonja Kopp, Engineer Functional Surfaces and Nanostructures PROFACTOR GmbH

Stensborg A/S

The Products

With our unique, cutting-edge technology you can imprint 3-dimensional nanostructured patterns without the use of prefabricated foils. We also supply polymer imprinting plates made from your master template, resist, wafer or nickel.

The Technology

Thanks to Holoprint's nanometer scale relief structured templates, light-curing resin and UV light, you can make nanoimprints on almost any surface.

The Company

Stensborg is a privately held company located in Roskilde, Denmark. We have served our clients for more than 20 years.